Craftsmanship and tradition, in harmony with nature

Welcome to the Skarbø farm by the Storfjord in Sunnmøre. Here, the eighth generation, Kristine and Carlos, build on long traditions and solid craftsmanship to give you unforgettable taste experiences.


Our cheese - unpasteurized passion

Our cheese is made from completely fresh, unpasteurized milk from our twenty happy cows. The cheese is given plenty of time to mature in a naturally cool stone cellar to give it a rich and full-bodied flavor. The well-aged cheese Soleglad won a bronze medal in the 2018/2019 World Cheese Championships.


Our cider - sparkling joy

When the autumn sun flashes on the hills, we pick juicy fruit and press fresh juice. Throughout the peaceful winter, the juice is turned into noble cider. Apples from fine traditional varieties give our cider a distinctive flavor and character.


Farm visits

Ta gjerne turen til gards!  I vinter er gardsbutikken open måndag-laurdag kl 10-18. Her får du ost, most, sider og anna lokalt godt.

Om de er ei bedrift eller gruppe som ynskjer omvising og smaking, så er de velkomne til å ta kontakt.