With the good, fresh milk from our livestock, we make cheese in a new, tiny dairy in the century-old farmhouse. Here we take up the legacy of cheese making at Skarbø from bygone times, and build on the traditions of Carlos's Spanish family, who have taught us to make cheese as it is done in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Our cheese has been well received, and Soleglad won a bronze medal in the 2018 World Cheese Awards.

Soleglad lagra is matured on spruce shelves for at least two months. The taste is fresh and round, and the texture is soft and fine. Suitable for most things, both as a topping and just for enjoying. Put a bite in your mouth and feel the spring sun and vibrant joy.

Soleglad vellagra is matured for at least six months and has an extra rich flavor. The texture is slightly firmer and the flavor more concentrated. Reminiscent of Spanish manchego. Particularly good for tapas, and enhances the flavor of good meals - feel free to shave over soups and pasta dishes, and use for gratinating.

Soleglad rindless is the mildest variant of Soleglad, a fresh and flavorful cheese with a slightly crispy texture. Great on bread, and great in salads. If you like, top it off with a small dollop of local jam or jelly.

Carmen combines the best of north and south - fresh Norwegian farm milk and spices from Spain. The soft and mild cheese is given a flavorful and exciting rind from smoked paprika and cold-pressed olive oil. Dream away to southern latitudes with Carmen, named after Carlos's grandmother, who every year dried long strips of peppers in the sunlight on her white brick house. Perfect for tapas and beautiful on the cheese table. Cut into thin slices and let the red crust decorate each piece.

Apal is our newest cheese. Here you get the whole Skarbø farm in one piece - the cheese is ripened in cider! Apal is a good Norwegian word for apple tree, hence the name. The cider gives the cheese a distinctly acidic and fresh character, and it goes well with tapas and mild cured ham.  

We make cheese in the winter, when the milk supply is at its peak and the green fields are resting under the snow. As soon as the cows are milked in the morning, the cheesemaking begins, and in the lapse of the day the fresh, unpasteurized milk is transformed into curd, and then into round wheels. 

The whole process is a craft carried out with love, patience and precision. Because we don't do anything with the milk before cheesemaking other than carefully pouring it into the cheese vat, we preserve the pure milk to the fullest, with all its nutrition and flavor. 

The ripening warehouse, with its natural stone walls and spruce shelves, is naturally just the right temperature for the good, full-bodied cheese flavor to develop further. Inside, the cheeses are turned and cooled. Ripening can go on for many months - the longer they are stored, the more flavor they acquire. This is reflected in the final product, which is one of the healthiest and best you can eat.

Enjoy our cheeses when you fancy a little treat and serve them to family and friends. They're great with bread and as tapas. They can add extra flavor on pizza, or cut into cubes in a fresh salad. Combine the cheese with local honey, jam or jelly. 

These cheeses are equally good all day long, and are perfect for a mouthful in the evening, when the sun is shining and spreading calm across the land. Put a few pretty slices on a plate, fill your glass with something good, sit down and enjoy a glimpse of life.